How the Transfer Process Works

The Great Race is offering transfers. We get it, things happen and sometimes you can't make it to the race. Since race entry fees are non-refundable as per the terms & conditions that are agreed to by each participant during registration, transferring your entry to a new participant is a way to recoup all or part of your entry fee. 

READ the directions before proceeding:

  1. On the registration page, click the "Transfer Registration" button. Enter the email address of the entrant that was used during registration. Upon completion, you will receive instructions on how to proceed with the transfer registration process.
  2. Once you do this, your registration will be canceled from the system. You will not be refunded. 
  3. You will receive an email on how to transfer your entry that you will need to forward to the new registrant.
  4. The new registrant will fill out all of their information and will be responsible to pay the $20 transfer fee.
  5. You will need to work out any other payments for the entry between yourself and the new registrant. 
  6. If you give away your entry to another and don't go through the authorized transfer process, the entrant will be ejected from the event and disqualified, and you will be banned from entering future races.
  7. Click here to Transfer your entry. THE LAST DAY TO TRANSFER AN ENTRY IS MARCH 15, 2018.