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Runner Reviews

"If your a runner and are looking for a top notch half marathon, this is the one to be apart of !!! The organization and sponsors put on one Great day in the community."
- Will S.

"What a Fun event. We had a blast!"
- Alex C.

"As good as advertised! I ran the 10K this year. Stunning course. One of the most beautiful parts of SoCal. Very well-organized race. Great post-race expo and food. Couldn't have been a better experience."
- Garrett S.

"I ran the Chesebro Half Marathon and it was an awesome event. It is one of the most organized race I have ever done. As for the post party race?! It's definitely a two thumbs up!!! They had a lot of vendors, food samples, freebies and a ton of activities to keep the family entertained the entire day."
- Rhonda R.

"The scenery was stunning – we ran past wineries, pastures filled with yellow flowers, horse ranches, estates and a beautiful lake surrounded by boats and homes…just wonderful. I have lived in California my entire life and never knew this area existed in Agoura and Malibu. At times it was hard to believe I was even in California – it was green and lush with huge old trees to shade our way."
- Sparrow F.

"I ran the Pacific Half Marathon this year and it was a spectacular race. The scenery all along the road course is stunning! There are so many hidden gems along the run and the distraction really makes the time pass quickly."
- Wendy R.

"This was hands down my favorite race to do. It's beautiful. Go for it !!!"
- Jessica W.

"Hey I would love for you to join me at the Great Race of Agoura! This is a "Rudy Approved" quality event that boasts not just one but two half marathons as well as a 5K and 10K. Choose the Chesebro Half (mostly trail) or the Pacific Half (Road) and I can promise that you will NOT be disappointed. Big race attention to detail with all the fun feel of a small town event! There's no doubt why this race has been around 30 years! Big Thanks to the army of fabulous volunteers!!! Sure hope I see you there!"
- Rudy Novotny, the voice of Running

 "The most beautiful 10K ever!!!"
- Audrey R.

"I don't give out five star ratings often but this event certainly deserves it. I ran the 10K.  The finish party was everything that it had been hyped to be.  There was plenty of free food and drink for everyone.  I had crepes, pancakes, coffee, juice, a banana, and a bagel, and there was more.  All in all, a Great Race!"
- Adam R.

This is my favorite 10K EVER!
- Danielle M.

"Thank you Pacific Half Marathon for the absolutely stunning views of the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibou Lake."
- Ben R.

"One of the most organized races ever! Beautiful weather, beautiful course and beautiful friends! Great Race!!!"
- Danielle R.

"I have raced this event a few times and have actually won overall before. As I was racing I kept thinking to myself how well organized and well thought out your event is.  The volunteers were ridiculously amazing and I especially appreciated how you had volunteers on every spot where a runner might potentially go off course. Great job and I look forward to racing again next year!!!"
- Anissa F.

"A well organized and fun post race party. Parking is a bit far if you arrive later in the day but worth the walk. It's a fantastic event."
- Mario R.

"Race course (Cheseboro 1/2 Marathon) was beautiful, definitely a 'top 5' pick for scenery in the Greater Los Angeles region. It was hard to believe that this race course was 15 minutes from urban sprawl. I noticed folks taking photos on the race course"
- Vincent K.

"Greatest 1/2 marathon ever! Not gonna be my last. Loved it! Challenging! Exhilarating!"
- Lydia B.

"Thanks for an amazing race. Easily the most scenic race I've ever done. Can't wait to come back next year."
- Abel B.

"Enjoyed my first 10K immensely! Well-organized & very family-oriented!!"
- Rizal M.

"Great Race Half in Agoura was...well Great! Thanks to all the volunteers and staff."
- John O., Five for Fighting

"Extremely well coordinated event. Thoroughly enjoyed running in this one. Especially pleased how every turn was well marked with signage and that useful information was provided beforehand as what to expect on race day."
- Jeff R.

"Why do you think they call it "The Great Race"?"
- Steven H.

"This is the 4th year in a row I've run the Old Agoura 10K and it is 5 stars all the way. I live 40 miles away and it's well worth the drive!"
- C.L.

"I love it! I look forward to it every year :)"
- Diana E.

"I enjoyed this run and the view very much and was especially impressed by the organizers."
- Ruben Q.

"I have done both the Pacific and the Chesebro Half Marathon and both are great races with awesome views. The post party is also great. If you are a runner these are must do races."
- Marco R.

"Awesome run! Nice course, great people, well-organized, great goodies and food."
- Lisa K.

"I ran in the first six Great Races (1986-1991). I am amazed how this event has grown and put our wonderful community on the running map; more importantly, we continue to support our schools and at the same time proclaim to everyone that fitness should be a priority for everyone."
- Al W.

"As always, a great event. Well organized, gorgeous course, great festivities afterward. "
- Janet M.

"This was my first GREAT Race.  I heard it was going to be good, but I didn't know how good.  The 5K course was very nice.  And I cannot say enough about the post race expo. Such wonderful vendors and food.  It was very "professionally" run."
- Ali J.

"This was my second 10K for this event and it was just the greatest.  I had such a good time.  The event planners just pull out all the stops.  Everything went on time for each event.  All the support staff were awesome.  I just can't say enough. "
- Kim Z.

"Great and scenic race. Highly recommend it."
- John H.

"Love this race, year after year. none better. Awesome half marathon."
- Yak F.

"Did the 10K for the 3rd year in a row.  It continues to be my favorite running race, hands down.  The course is beautiful, mile markers are clear, abundant course support, and by far the best race expo and finish line party I've attended."
- Debbie N.

"Agoura Hills was my favorite race by far. It was also the most challenging. But what won me over was the beautiful course and the incredible offerings at the finish line- burritos, made-to-order crepes, and not with a more expensive entry fee than other halfs. I also liked that it was on a Saturday, so I had a day to relax before going back to work on Monday!"
- Rob S.

"Wow, what an amazing venue. This was my 4th 10K and it was my favorite by a mile. I ran the Old Agoura 10K and set a new personal record by over three minutes from my previous."
- Sev. M.

"Great event once again. This was my second Pacific 1/2 Marathon and it was just what the doctor ordered for getting pumped up for the rest of spring and then summer. Really appreciate everything about the entire event. Well done!"
- Howard K.

"It is a really wonderful race, very beautiful area and the support of the sponsors and volunteers were wonderful. I will be making this an annual run but next time I think I will do the 1/2 marathon instead for no other reason then I would have more time to enjoy the scenery."
- K.C.

"Fantastic 10K! So many volunteers cheering you on every step of the way, and you can't beat the scenery.  Running past wide open grasslands, horses, and gorgeous homes all made this an amazing race"
- MJ D.

"Having done all categories (with exception of the 5K) truly gives me an appreciation of the "Great Race" event.  In addition to the gorgeous scenery you get to appreciate on all the courses, the event planners have done a fantastic job coordinating everything to run so smoothly.  There is plenty of support along the way and lots of fun at the end."
- Rich C.

" If you're looking for an excellent 10K and are willing to travel to Southern California in late March, I'd recommend the Old Agoura 10K. Beautiful course, some moderately challenging hills (but not too challenging), extremely well organized, and one of the best post race parties I've ever experienced."
- Lisa G.

"The Great Race of Agoura Hills is a true racing buffet.  'You want pikermis?  We've got two of 'em!  Too much?  Try our 10K!  Or how about a nice 5K?  Bringing the kids?  Run alongside 'em in our Family Fun Run!'  The races go every which way over the course of the morning, but all end up at a common finish line in a park, a rainbow of orange bibs merging with blue bibs merging with red bibs, green bibs and gray bibs.  And there in the park is the other buffet, as local vendors offer tastes of...well, I'll tell you later.  I've run the 10K here twice, but now it was time to sample something else.  And inevitably, my eyes were drawn to the Chesebro Half Marathon...

The trail was wide and even, with graceful curves and modest dips and rises.  It was a scene from a Renoir painting, like a path you'd stroll on the way to a picnic; parasols would not be out of place here...

By the time we'd finished our free samples of pancakes, tortilla chips, Kind bars, oatmeal with dates and banana, macaroons, organic juices, bread, ice cream, fruit cups, pineapple juice, dried strawberries, salad and hearty chicken burritos, we were full...

It was the most fun I've had in a race in a long, long time." (Full recap here)
- Atom B.